Merlot, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, DOC


Varietals: Merlot

Vintage: 2012

Region: Collio Goriziano

Harvest Method: By hand carefully, placed in trays.

Vinification: Stalks are removed from the grapes. Left to ferment in 50 hl tanks with 3 daily transfers for 8 days, gentle pressing.

Aging Process: Left to ferment in cement and wooden casks, removal of the leves, 3 transfers, filtered and sterilized bottling.

Aroma: This wine has a lively ruby-red color, a light and pleasant bouquet of red fruit.

Palate: Full-bodied, persistent taste with hints of almonds.

Food Pairings: Goes well with rich first courses, red meat, stews, and game.

Serving Temp: 16-18°C/60°-64° F


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