In Finca Loranque - located within the well-known wine region Méntrida – is a fertile land very suitable for vineyard terroir. It is a unique place where there are documents that prove that in the eleventh century there were large areas planted with the best strains of grapes. In Finca Loranque, the major effort has been to design a vineyard that is guaranteed to produce quality wines. To accomplish this, the finca sought out the advice of Paul Eguzkiza from Wine Company Telmo Rodríguez, purveyors of one of the most important terroir in Spain.

Finca Loranque, Syrah, 2007

Barrel-aged 16 months; intense aromas of fruits and spices;  smooth, soft tannins with an elegant finish.

Finca Loranque, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2007

Barrel-aged 16 months; this classic Bordeaux grape adapted well to this terroir. Softness of New World style with the complexity of Old World style.

Finca Loranque, Tempranillo, 2010

Barrel-aged 6 months; one of the finest examples of this classic Spanish grape; fruit-forward nose, hint of oak; dry, soft, velvety mouth feel.