Located in Qatsrin in the Golan, the distillery is creating Israel’s first single malt, corn mash and single malted rye whisky. All are aged in casks that were seasoned by white and red wines of the Golan, to produce a unique whisky with local influence. The first releases are already award-winning, including a Terravino Silver medal for the Two Grain Blend.


Golani Two Grain Whisky Blend

Israel’s First Whisky! The true taste of the Golan Spirit made with water from the Eden Spring and Distilled from Wheat and Barley. Two of the seven species of the land, they grow wildly in abundance throughout the Golan Heights. This Whisky is handcrafted in small batches, distilled in traditional copper pot stills. It is triple wood matured in New American Oak, Cabernet Oak and Chardonnay Oak casks at an elevation of 1300 feet above sea level, overlooking the Sea Of Galilee, for up to 12 months.