Les Jamelles, Cabernet Sauvignon


Varietals: 100% Cabernet-Sauvignon

Origin: This CABERNET-SAUVIGNON comes partly from vineyards located at the foot of the Cevennes mountains, between Nimes (terroir, spices) and Béziers (amplitude, roundness and fruit), and also from the valley of the Aude (structure, power).

Vineyards of hillsides (average altitude: 150 m), average age of 15 years. Size essentially in "goblet" (not tied). Relatively low yield of about 50 hectoliters/hectare. The soils are acid with pebbles in the valleys, giving a smoky note to the wine. These vines have an average age of 10 years. They are carved in "Cordon de Royat" (trellised) and "Guyot" (trellised). The yield is relatively low. It is of the order of 50 hectoliters per hectare. The soils are clayey-limestone on the terraces, close to the soil of origin of this grape variety.

Winemaking: The grapes are completely destemmed. Macerations are long under temperature control, in order to obtain a long, rich and powerful wine. The color and aromas contained in the solids of the grape are extracted by numerous pumping-in stages. The malolactic fermentation is systematically carried out. The wine is then lifted into a vat for about 6 months so that it finds its final balance. 5 to 10% are high in oak barrels to bring a little more complexity.

Tasting: - Visual examination: Beautiful dark red color.

- Olfactory examination: Aromas of red fruits (blackcurrant, strawberry). Light vegetable note (green pepper, very characteristic of Cabernet). Spicy perfumes (cinnamon, mint, honey). Finely subtly woody (cedar, oak, walnut).

- Taste: Elegant and complex, this wine is long and velvety in the mouth. The tannins are present and well balanced. No herbaceous aromas.

It is a wine ready to be drunk now, but can also be kept for 3 years or more.

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