Finca Loranque, Syrah


Varietal: Syrah

Vintage: 2007


Harvest Method:  The work on the vineyard is continuous and is always carried out with absolute respect for the environment. Besides pruning the vines in winter, clearing the roads, and plowing, we also prune the vines in summer. Thanks to this work, done by hand in May, we are able to remove the excess load from the plant, thus improving the yield and quality of the grapes, as more sunlight can reach the plant and we limit the number of clusters per vine. Another important task on the vineyard is topping, which consists of cutting off a portion of the cane, generally the last three or four spurs. This serves to slow the growth of the vine and improve the effects of the sun on the leaves of the clusters.

However, the work that will possibly have the most influence on the final quality of the harvest is green harvesting or the removal of immature grape clusters. During this stage, a great part of the clusters is removed in order to boost important aspects such as the concentration of anthocyanin and tannins, and the color of the wines.

Vinification:  The grapes are entered inside the winery in different ways, always paying attention to the particular characteristics of each vintage. Once the fruit is inside the tanks, fermentation will take place with constantly controlled temperature, pumping over every day and carrying out exhaustive tests of the analytical parameters.

Aging Process:   Barrel-aged 16 months

Aroma/PalateIntense aromas of red fruits; dry, very full-bodied, spicy, yet with soft tannins; round, velvety, long finish

Serving Temp: 18°-20°C/64°-67°F

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