Nebbiolo Langhe, San Biagio, Piedmont, DOC


Varietal: Nebbiolo 

Vintage:  2010

Growing location: The historic Pria vineyard lies on medium-high slopes - between 350 and 400 metres asl - facing east on a hill in the commune of La Morra. Small, but significant fossil finds on the site demonstrate the marine sedimentary origin of the soil, which is formed of clayey-calcareous marl with veins of sand. The name "Pria" was an old local dialect term for "stone", testifying to the layers of sandstone which contribute to increasing the sand content in the soil when they are decomposed by atmospherical agents. 

Harvest: Early October. The vineyard is blessed with good vegetative energy, so the thinning of the bunches carried out by hand during the summer months is all-important in allowing fruity notes, flavour and freshness to show at their best. The yield is between 6.5 and 7 tons per hectare, well within the limit set by the production regulations (9 tons/Ha). 

Vinification: The maceration on the skins takes place over 25 days in heat-conditioned steel tanks. Frequent, gentle breaking up of the cap during this time is essential in obtaining good extraction of the finer polyphenols which give the wine overtones of sweetness and softness. Slow stirring stimulates the fermentation and enzymatic processes, benefiting the wine's aromatic structure, and its fruity and ethereal notes in particular. 

Maturing: In barrels made of French oak holding 500 litres for 12 months, followed by further ageing in the bottle for 1 year, during which the wine becomes rounder, its wealth of substances acquires perfect balance, the tannins soften, and the fruity, floral and spicy overtones grow and develop. 

Color: Deep and bright, with nuances ranging from ruby to garnet red. 

Aroma: Intense, ethereal and complex. Dog roses, berries, spices and jam show through, together with an expansive range of floral notes and the slightest hints of wild mint and underbrush. Appealing aromas of liquorice, vanilla, cooked plums and tobacco. 

Palate: Full-bodied and smooth. Black-berried fruit and balsam stand out on the palate, followed by interesting mineral sensations and a well-integrated touch of liquorice.

Serving Temp:  18°-20°C/64°-67°F


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